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The mystical adventures of Melissa [entries|friends|calendar]

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Life Is BunK! [21 Jan 2007|04:54pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Hello world . tis i. im bored. whats new with yall?

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[02 Jan 2007|01:58pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Well Hello World!
Are you ready?
ready for what you may ask?
are you ready for the craziest little person alive.
because that would be i...
christ, im bored. reliezed somthing last night,.
im becoming a nun. so yes sam if you read this.,.,
im joining you. i got up at the lovely crack of dawn or should i say like 3 hours before it?
4:30 approx... haha ruined my day with that crap it truely is rubish.
do you ever run on you sentances and ramble about nothing...thats me.
thats what i do. for now example. pretty sure all day i will just play ps2. and laze around
what have i become? a fatty....i just want everything to be normal again,
what have i became... life is so so so crap. anyone agrees? CRAP?
*voice in distance* "CRAP!!"
well there you have it folks, crap is life. life is crap. we will live by this quote.,
and guess what?! well die by this quote muhah ha..
*noise in back* "EARTH to Melissa you have honestly lost your mind, fell off the rocker i say it not!"
Wow. how about that. melissa is mental. well la de da da da. this is my update. this is my life. yummy taStic
lets dance around naked. i would enjoy that muchly.. yes.... nudey party?

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[28 Jun 2006|09:40am]

okay so ive had an lj forever so im pissed because i cannot add pictures.. argg i did it before but now i forgets. SNAP!

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[25 May 2005|07:40pm]
I'm a messed up kid from a small town,
I eat at McDonalds and dream of the east.
My life is already turned around.
I'm 14 years old and messed right up.
That's because I'm crazy.

Anyways Friends only
Don't think you wanna add me but....

Promotions welcome
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